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Elliott Flooring's Guiding Principles

Elliott Floorings Guiding Principles:
Kevin and Ken Elliotts build their business with three guiding principles that are paramount in their continued success: great customer service, competitive pricing, and great installation. 

Customer Service:
When you enter Elliott Flooring you can expect a professional to answer your questions and help you find what you are looking to see.   There won’t be any high-pressure sales techniques or flashy blowout sale signs.  You can expect to get honest answers about your project including cost and timing of the installation.  Ken has established an environment where people are happy to come to work and all are required to treat each customer the way he/she would wish to be treated. The result is a friendly, helpful and professional environment. 
Competitive Pricing:
At Elliott Flooring you get the best value for your hard-earned dollars.  You will get the best service, product and outcome for your money.  You have to get the best as all business is personal at Elliott Flooring.  In our experience, no one is every happy with cheap quality flooring so Elliott Flooring does not discount low end products.  We will discount high end products so customers get a great deal on great quality, long lasting flooring.   We work with each customer to establish their budget and plan for the flooring, then we come up with the best options to meet the customer’s needs.

Great Installation:
Ken has established long term relationships with his installation crews.  He never outsources a job and he knows each of his crew members personally.  Having been an installer himself for many years, Ken knows how to find and employ the right people for the job.  Many of his crew members have been installers for Elliott Flooring for many years.  They are professional craftsmen that know their materials well and do top quality work.  Elliott Flooring stands behind their work and guarantees a quality job done right. 


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