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Ken Elliott

Wayne Richardson

Wayne is an expert in flooring and managing flooring projects.

Wayne started in the flooring business when he was just 16 years old and has been in the business for over 39 years.  He started out with his uncle when he was in school to make some pocket money. After he graduated, he continued to work with his uncle to learn the trade.  Wayne learned to understand flooring from all points of view.

Wayne had been working for Elliott Flooring and providing installation service for 5 years when he was offered a job at a different store as a sales person.  He took it and was there for a little over 20 years.  Wayne came back in April of 2010.  Wayne missed the Elliotts and was happy to come home to work for a better store that provided a better opportunity of himself and his family.

When asked about his favorite aspect of working at Elliott Flooring his opinions were clear and heartfelt. “They treat me with respect. I like the way they treat me. If I want time off, they help me make it happen. They pay me well.  They take care of me.  They respect me.  They give me encouragement when I excel and guidance when I need it.” 

Wayne works with clients on projects from start to finish and they vary from flooring to kitchen and bathroom renovations.   He starts in the show room helping folks with his 28 years of product knowledge and sales experience.  He strives to help people get the ideal solution within their budget. He measures the worksite to make all the necessary calculations and orders all the needed materials.  Wayne is the project manager for the installation, working as liaison between the crew chief and the client to iron out every detail to the best outcome.  Having worked as an installer gives Wayne an edge as he knows what the crew will want and need to be successful.  He also anticipates the twists and turns that often make projects challenging.  Finally, Wayne is the post-sale contact to make sure the client is happy with their new flooring and to answer any maintenance and wear questions.

When asked what makes him successful Wayne replied, “I’m Honest, I do not mislead or lie.”  Wayne explained that customers will often be looking for a low-end product and ask if it will last for many years. He will not lie, he is honest about what to expect from the flooring chosen. With 28 years in the showroom, Wayne knows which products will last.  He knows what will endure children, having raised two of his own.  He understands what will suit a commercial situation and what is the best balance of price and efficiency for all budgets. 

His vast knowledge of flooring grows as he learns about new product developments. Wayne says the brands focus on three main things: durability, thicker wear levels, and dent or scratch resistance. Wayne learns through his brand representatives, product information booklets and industry trade materials. There are a lot of details and Wayne either knows the information or where to find it.  Wayne asserts that each company claims their products are the best, however the proof may take many years to reveal itself.  Wayne has witnessed which products prove themselves over the 38 years he has been in the industry.

Wayne is impressed by waterproof products as the most significant recent innovation in flooring.  For example, the newest is waterproof luxury vinyl planks.  With the older laminate floors water would get between and the floor and the subfloor and cause it to swell up and the floor would be ruined.  The new vinyl is water proof thus the floor is not affected. The floor can be disassembled, the water can be removed, and the floor can be relocked together.  One could put the floor in a bucket of water and it will not swell up.   Laminates are trying to catch up with more sealed edges. 

Wayne reminisced about his personal experience with ceramic and porcelain tile.  “Tile is for forever flooring.  You will get sick of it before it ever gets ruined.” He talked about how durable and beautiful the options are and now and how the showroom had to update their displays accordingly.

Wayne then went on to explain how hardwood gives more value to the house.  He pointed out that hand scraped hardwood is the focus these days.  “Many people choose it because damage usually isn’t visible. It is much more useful for an active family.” Wayne indicates that the hardwood industry is providing for the real life of the customer in beautiful and durable ways.

Wayne enjoys working with the team at Elliott Flooring.  Katrina, Kevin, Ken are the sales people on the floor.  Ken is involved in all aspects of the company as well.  Wayne also explained that Elliott Flooring has fantastic installers with many that have stayed with the company for 15 to 20 years.  Of course, expert installers are a vital component to the Elliott Flooring team.
Wayne knows that his success is based on the repeat customers that he sees again and again over the years.    Many are families renovating over time and through moves, while others are contractors doing projects to get houses ready for sale.  Wayne stated that Elliott Flooring’s edge is based on their workmanship, their product knowledge, service, and a fair price.  “We will provide the best overall value; if there is a problem we will take care of it.  We treat the customer right, we provide accurate information and the best flooring products available.  Finally, we finish the job with expert installation and follow up service.”  The pride Wayne takes in his work is obvious in everything he says and does.

Wayne explained that working at Elliott Flooring is always challenging.  “A new project is always around the corner.”  He reminisced that there are times when the team must work extremely hard.  Customers need their projects completed in a timely fashion, so all team members must work together to be efficient.  Sometimes it is necessary to ask installers to work nights or weekends to get a job done. “We try to keep things as predicable as possible with as much notice as possible, but at the end of the day we want to make the customer happy.”

When asked if he sees the big box stores as a competition he explained that they sell everything from screws to light fixtures. They have to know a little about a lot of things they don’t’ have the time or energy to specialize.  Wayne goes on to say,” We do flooring and we have the edge in knowledge, service, installation, and pricing. We know who we are sending out there to do the job and manage it from beginning to end.  The hardware stores contract out and have no real connection with the customer.  They contract it out to the bottom dollar whereas our installers have 15 or 20 years of experience working with us to our standards.”  Another edge Elliott Flooring has over the big box stores is that they don’t sell off-lots or discount goods and thus don’t have products with flaws. “We want it all to be perfect.  Our Jobs have no off colors, gapping pattern or patchy finishes.  The materials we use are exactly as the customer orders and up to the brand standards.”

Wayne plans to keep working at Elliott Flooring until he retires.   He is happy with his job.  He enjoys the customers, provides well for his family, gets on well with his co-workers and loves the challenge of the next project coming around the corner.  Wayne is a vital and appreciated member of the Elliott Flooring Team. 

Kevin Elliott

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